the abacus

the ephemeral

An interactive light sculpture representing real functioning deep learning network. Commissioned by the Copernicus Science Centre.

elegy to
a meadow

the melancholy of simulation

An interactive installation presented at EXPO2020 in the Polish Pavilion raising awareness of one of the most endangered natural habitats on earth.


our daily digital

An exhibition of panGenerator
at the National Ethnographic Museum in Warsaw

the shimmering

a kinetic data sculpture at the Shenzhen airport

A kinetic data sculpture commissioned by Tencent, presented at Bao’an International Airport of Shenzhen

the lightwaves

an interactive light sculpture

An interactive light sculpture commissioned by one of the biggest music festivals in Poland – “Męskie Granie”.

the wall
of sound

a collaborative sampler/sequencer in public space

A collaborative sampler/sequencer in public space commissioned by Katowice Street Art 2019: Urban Sound


a digital sculpture carved by city traffic and data

A digital sculpture in public space carved by city traffic and data flow. Exploring new dynamic form of art that evolves and changes in response to the life of a city.


singing architecture

The iconic spiral staircase of the Szczecin Philharmonic reimagined as a voice-transforming instrument.


the installation inspired by the polish radio experimental studio

The installation Inspired by the Polish Radio Experimental Studio. Digital interface meets purely analogue sound.


everything saved
will be lost

Interactive installation that turns selfies into pile of ash, created for National Ethnographic Museum in Warsaw as a part of TEEN AGE exhibition.


an emergent
av installation

An emergent a/v installation for Copernicus Science Centre / Przemiany Festiwal 2013.


kinetic av sculpture
for disney

MICKEYPHON is an interactive audiovisual kinetic sculpture,
inspired by Mickey Mouse, created for Disney.

of peace

a kinetic

Interactive installation / kinetic info-sculpture commissioned by Warsaw Rising Museum for the celebrations of 71st anniversary of Warsaw Rising


a single-button
narrative interface

Interactive narrative machine for Warsaw Rising Museum with interface reduced to it’s bare minimum, as it was the case with communications via morse code during the WWII.


the eight-channel
robotic choir

Performer’s voice is processed in eight independent channels and feeded to the speakers, movement of each speaker is directly connected with frequency and amplitude of the generated sound.


a spatial
audiovisual controller

Dodecaudion is a spatial audiovisual controller based on such technologies as infrared distance sensors, arduino, bluetooth, processing and osc.


a tangible
storytelling display

Tangible storytelling display offers a new way to experience history at Jewish Museum.


a kinetic light
installation for škoda

Kinetic light installation for the new škoda fabia mobile pavilion utilising 95 oscillating mirrors.


a probable future
of jewellery ?

NECLUMI is the first ever projection-based interactive necklace. Are we willing to abandon atoms of gold for the waves of light ?


a bracelet for
tactile communication

TACTILU is a research project embracing remote haptic/tactile communication.


is a word worth
a thousand pictures ?

A non-video game consisting of an 8-bit Nintendo pad and a thermal printer.

beats, bits,

solo exhibition

The solo exhibition of panGenerator group in Kordegarda Gallery.